Can You Really Make Money With Surveys

I got a call from Marsha of Michigan 2 days ago. Her call was much like many other calls that ask:

“Can I really make money filling out surveys?”make money with surveys

I told her :

Yes you can. But.. there are other ways to make more money in less time.

Let me explain..

I have a cousin named Mark. Mark’s wife Debbie is one of those that has done extremely well with surveys. She’s received cash, and won gift cards. She’s won several trucks and cars. She’s even won a month-long trip to Australia for her family of 4. So yes, you can definitely make mo’ney filling out surveys. No doubt about it.

But, Debbie’s earnings come at a price. I haven’t seen Debbie in almost 10 years.

She’s never at weddings, picnics or family gatherings (I did see her once at a funeral). Debbie is too busy in front of her computer filling out surveys. Surveys consume her life.

I don’t know about you but life is too short to be sitting in front of a computer all day and night. That’s why I told Marsha that I’d send this email today so she could learn of other options.

There are a lot of hom’e businesses available today. Some sell hard products or services. Some require inventory. Some don’t. Some provide training. Others don’t.

Some businesses leave you on your own to figure it all out. They give you no training. And they tell you to bug friends and family to grow your business.

Who wants to do that?

On the other hand..

There are online businesses that are so sophisticated that they do most of the work for you – all the selling and telling. That have professional trainers and coaches to do the heavy lifting. All you do is send them referrals. When someone joins the business, they send you a check in the mail as their way of saying “thanks“.

Personally, I like digital products. There’s no inventory to worry about, and the commissions are high.

In the past 22 years, I’ve generated a full-time income from 7 different business that I started on my own. I’ve coached clients on their way to earning $10-20k in weekly commissions in various hom’e businesses. Yes, those were weekly checks. However, I never joined their businesses because I didn’t see a way that ordinary people to make mo’ney from home in those businesses.

But that all changed when I saw this business last week. In my view, this was something that average and ordinary people could do and succeed. And that’s why I joined.

In summary, yes you can make mo’ney filling out surveys. And you can win a lot of exciting prizes and travel to exotic destinations. But those prizes come at a cost of time. Whereas, there are a lot of ordinary people making extraordinary in’come from home.. while still having the time to enjoy life and pursue their dreams!

If you’d like, you can learn more here.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,


Make Money From Home: Gwen Quits Her Job [VIDEO]

People try to tell you that it can’t be done.. that you can’t make real money from home.  Well, they haven’t met Gwen.  Last Sunday night during a Super Bowl TV commercial, Gwen quit her job in front of millions of viewers.

Imagine what that must have felt like. Imagine teling your boss that you’re not going to work tomorrow. You quit!

Gwen’s making money from home.  Let’s see if we can help you do the same.

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